Wake the Line 2011

At: O’Neill / Media: Print, apparel / Year: 2010

Cold Water Classic 2011

At: O’Neill / Media: Logos, posters, apparel / Year: 2010

Evolution 2011

Client: O’Neill / Media: Various (Logos, posters, apparel, etc.) / Year: 2010

Premium Cola

Client: Premium Cola / Media: Inside bottle labels / Year: 2009

Hello 13

Client: Hello13 / Media: Website / Year: 2009 Although it had an official release party, it never made it online. Unfortunately. 13 a.k.a. Hello13 was a designers collective of 5 and as such ceased to exist.

Artist and Computer

Client: Self-commissioned / Media: Website / Year: 2008 Art by numbers. A pet project which needs more work if I could find the time. Currently holds 4 works. Site >>


Client: 290SQM / Media: Website / Year: 2008 Randomly generated squares based on the primary colours red, yellow and blue which functioned as the menu (rest assured it’s only animated here). The site has passed and is not available anymore.

O’Neill Infographics

Client: O’Neill / Media: Labels / Year: 2008

Koen Dudink

Client: Koen Dudink / Media: Website / Year: 2008 A site for the Amsterdam-based artist Koen Dudink focussing on his work. Photography by Lars de Beer. Site >>


Media: Website / Year: 2007 Art by numbers. Watch here. Now integrated with Artist & Computer.