Redesigning the digital clock @


Client: Self-commissioned / Media: Online / Year: 2017

Rastercamo VR Spheres

Client: Self-commissioned / Media: Online / Year: 2016

Artist and Computer

Client: Self-commissioned / Media: Website / Year: 2008 Art by numbers. A pet project which needs more work if I could find the time. Currently holds 4 works. Site >>


Media: Website / Year: 2007 Art by numbers. Watch here. Now integrated with Artist & Computer.


Client: Self-commissioned / Media: Website / Year: 2007 Random looped movie snippets madness galore. Music: “Die Line” by RP ft. MT (Paul Snowden’s bday 2007 Mix) Site>>

Remember 922

Media: Print / Year: 2005 An ode to Mac OS 9.2.2, the latest classic version before OS X came out.

Urban Haute Couture

Client: Self-commissioned / Media: Website / Year: 2004

Stop Semiotic Pollution

Media: Movie / Year: 2001 A selfcommisioned stop motion animation about semiotic pollution.Music: “Randome’s Heel” by Pimmon.