Redesigning the digital clock @ https://clck.eike.tv/

SNOOK Identity

Client: SNOOK Bookings & Promotions / Media: Logo / Year: 2012

O’Neill Series Redesign Proposal

At: O’Neill / Media: Various / Year: 2012 See also: O’Neill Adventure Series Logo Proposal

O’Neill Adventure Series Logo Proposal

At: O’Neill / Media: Logo / Year: 2012 See also: O’Neill Series Redesign Proposal

Premium Cola

Client: Premium Cola / Media: Inside bottle labels / Year: 2009

Hello 13

Client: Hello13 / Media: Website / Year: 2009 Although it had an official release party, it never made it online. Unfortunately. 13 a.k.a. Hello13 was a designers collective of 5 and as such ceased to exist.


Client: Stichting Making the Movie / Media: Apparel / Year: 2006